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August 11, 2016
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We first fell in love with street food and the rise of it in London in the Summer of 2012 when i first visited Street Feast in Dalston.

It seemed people were doing some really amazing things both in terms of the quality of the food and the creative input behind their ideas and branding.

At this stage we never for one second thought about about getting involved other than eating and drinking at events.

Over the next couple of years following a redundancy and a bout of long term backpacking things changed. I started to have ideas. But i found myself again back behind a desk and unsure how to break free.

When the rot set in I decided to pack in my job and so decided to hit the road again for inspiration.

We spent the next four months travelling in the USA, Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. From New York where I discovered the joy of deli sandwiches and had the best BLT it inspired me to create one myself, on to LA where the Chicano Mexican food is just about everywhere.

After this we flew to Cancun in Mexico and onto Tulum which is popular for yoga retreats. We stayed in the old town and ate lots of Quesadillas and Tortas.

Here was where we stayed in the first of many communal kitchens where people would buy local produce from markets and cook their own meals.

From here we headed onto Laguna Bacalar or The Lake of Seven Colours where we stayed in a beautiful yet strange place right on the lake. Casa Tortuga was a large house with many rooms aswell as some camping spots. It was run by a group of young Latin American travellers who referred to themselves as pirates. They had a big pirate flag out back. I’m not quite sure what this all meant but it was a cool spot and we cooked and ate some great local food.

We headed to the border town of Chetamal after this, before making our way by bus to Belize City. Here we took a ferry over to Caye Caulker – a tiny little island bang in the middle of clear blue Caribbean waters. The motto here was “Go Slow” in this real chilled out rum-swilling, pot-smoking, dive spot. Due to it’s size there were no cars here just golf buggies.

Here we were introduced to Belizean Jerk chicken with it’s strong rum and oregano flavours.

Next after slumming it in a shared single bunk bed to save money and onto Hopkins where we shared a small room with another couple we went to visit some of Barbara’s family friends in extreme comfort. They were expats living in Placencia and they looked after us for which we are eternally grateful. Feeding us and giving us beds, as well as giving us a golf buggy to run around town.

Following this amazing break we hit the road again or sea should i say as we took a “ferry”, which was just a very small boat, across to Livingston in Guatemala – a strange port town which is like no-where else i was to see before or after for its mix of Garifuna, Afro-Caribbean, Maya and Ladino people. Here we made a poor choice to stay in wooden cabins up in the trees as we were ferociously attacked by mosquitos.

One night was all we could muster before we took a spectacular boat ride to Rio Dulce. A truly incredibly beautiful ride along the Dulce river through the valley of the surrounding vegetation.

Next we hit Antigua, the fantastic colonial town surrounded by volcanoes, to learn Spanish. After a couple of weeks living with a local family and eating meals with them, which mostly consisted of black beans and plantains, we moved again.

Onwards to the beautiful Lake Atitlan which on one side we found serenity in San Marcos, after 10 days on the other side in party town San Pedro.

We headed to Lanquin in Guatemala, where we got a job working in a local backpackers lodge. Here we worked in their bar, helped make promotional videos for their tours and most enjoyably actually helped out in the kitchen to prepare for their nightly family style buffet dinner. Working with the local kitchen staff and learning from them was amazing. They cooked for around 50-60 people each night Guatemalan, Mexican and many other themed dinners.

We spent a month here in this amazing place and aswell as working we got to experience the beauty of Semuc Champey, went caving, tubing, ziplining, and had a truly amazing time and met some awesome people.

After this we headed to the the incredible ancient Mayan ruins in Tikal and then back to Mexico and ended the adventure in the beautiful city of Merida where we had a balcony view over the main square. Here we ate, drank and shopped mostly. They had an amazing street food market on in the main square which meant we could sample a few different things.

On return from our trip i wanted to immortalise it and so combined some of my favourite eats from the trip with what soundtracked it. I rediscovered a lot of 90’s hip at the time and that is why I play it today. But we found hip-hop was prevelant in the inner city streets in most towns we visited. Kids would hang around town squares with boomboxes or ride around with modified bikes with speakers attached.

And there is a hip-hop mentality to our street food. Driven by creativity and freedom of expression our food “samples” elements from other genres and we offer customers the chance to “freestyle” and mix up ingredients to create their own originals.

The Wrap Game LDN was born, and we took those ingredients and input them into three delicious wraps or salad boxes.

After working with various other traders and doing some contracting work to buy our set-up we’re now trying to bring this delicious food to markets and events across London.

Click on the image above to scroll through a gallery of us on our travels!

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