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August 11, 2016
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In a nutshell we are a fun and tasty street food trader who celebrate street food and street culture. We bring to you genuine flavours we discovered whilst travelling and working in kitchens across Central America and the USA.

There’s our unique rum-infused Belizean Jerk Ragga Wrap; our intensely flavourful Mexican spiced chicken El Chicano Burrito with blended annato, habenero and chipotle;  and our infamous New York deli inspired Notorious BLT.

We serve up these quality free range meat options (sourced from top quality local butchers) with homemade salads in soft flour open tortilla wraps or in healthy, no carb salad boxes with a choice of delicious homemade sauces. We’re also testing our soft corn Hondo River tacos on the menu.

As much as we want to celebrate true, honest street-style food we also want to celebrate the culture that surrounds. On our travels when eating late night street food in urban areas we would often see youngsters eating, laughing and playing music from boomboxes.

We like to bring that block party atmosphere everywhere we go. You’ll often see us with a twin speaker set-up playing 90’s hip-hop as this invokes a time in us when we were those youngsters. But we also throw in some Latin American stuff for good measure. There’s nothing that says party quite like the combination of food and music!

And there is a hip-hop mentality to our street food. Driven by creativity and freedom of expression our food “samples” elements from other genres and we offer customers the chance to “freestyle” and mix up ingredients to create their own originals.

We can be found at markets across London and also cater for corporate and private events.

Click on the image above to scroll through a gallery of us in action!

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